Expatriation Counseling

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If you are renouncing your U.S. citizenship or abandoning your green card, it is very important that you consider the U.S. tax implications. Our experts can advise you on pre-expatriation strategies to reduce or eliminate the adverse consequences.

Consequences of Expatriation


Depending on your personal circumstances, leaving the U.S. tax net by renouncing your U.S. citizenship or abandoning your green card can have significant and immediate adverse consequences, including:

  • The Exit Tax
  • The Section 2801 Tax
  • The immediate taxation of deferred compensation items (e.g., pensions)

Expatriation Counseling


Our experts at Expat Tax Professionals have a wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with the implications of expatriation.

If you are considering expatriation from the United States, our experts can advise you on:

  • Analysis of your financial profile to determine the tax risks and opportunities
  • Pre-expatriation planning to avoid or reduce the Exit Tax implications
  • Advice on expatriation reporting (Form 8854)
  • Formulating a final tax reporting strategy
  • Exploring various tax amnesty programs to get caught up prior to expatriation, including the new Relief Procedures for Certain Former Citizens

Our seasoned tax professionals stand at the core of our expatriation counseling service. We provide expert support from U.S. CPAs, EAs and tax attorneys at every step to tax compliance, providing the resources, knowledge and understanding of our clients’ needs to deliver the highest level of service and optimized outcomes.

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